Understanding the Three Types of Major Home Renovation

Understanding the Three Types of Major Home Renovation

Homeowners sometimes remodel their properties before listing them for sale in locations with sky-high real estate costs since refurbished properties sell for more money. Since not all house improvements boost a home’s value, this specific myth is only partially accurate.

A remodeling project should be carefully designed so that the seller makes a profit by recovering more money from the sale of the house than was initially invested in it. This article attempts to help property owners with major house renovations.

Major Home Renovations

Modernizing a house, expanding it, or modifying it to better suit the family’s requirements are the specific goals of renovations. Home renovations come in various shapes, sizes, and areas of emphasis. Here are the major home renovations:

Kitchen and Bathroom

Many homeowners who are remodeling usually start in the kitchen because it is one of the house areas that are most regularly utilized. In addition to increasing your home’s value, kitchen renovations may improve space.

Nevertheless, you should know that remodeling your bathroom will require plumbing, which might make the bathroom useless while the job is underway. Bathroom renovations don’t often cost as high as kitchen remodelings, but they can still be a wise investment in the long term. Always employ reliable contractors like Menno S. Martin bathroom renovation in Guelph.

The most remarkable approach to boost your home’s value is to take on a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project. Either can be done for numerous reasons, including expanding usable space and storage and modernizing cabinets and other essential elements.

Attic and Basement

The areas at the bottom and top of your house might be put to good use. Either one may become a favorite room in the house with little renovations. This can entail adding more flooring or walls to create separations or transforming it into a space ideal for hosting friends and family.

Another excellent strategy is transforming a basement with no specific function into a livable space. One of the many uses for a basement is a living space, home office, or even a whole bedroom suite. Remember that a basement renovation might need a significant amount of effort and layout; hence, create a budget to guarantee you have the funds.

Home Addition

A common option for property owners is to add a new room to their home. It is sometimes impossible for families with two or more children to provide each child with a separate bedroom; for that reason, it makes sense to provide more space.

You should be aware that the interior structure of your house will change during the addition procedure if you have opted to add a room. A typical home addition is building a multi-room structure that is permanently open to the main house and is erected onto the side of the house. Once finished, it fuses into and becomes a part of the existing home. A reliable home addition contractor is necessary for any major home improvements.


Remember that your primary dwelling is more than just a house while planning any renovation – it’s your home. Despite how they may affect resale if you intend to stay there for a long time, install the facilities you desire to have. It’s perfect for undertaking modest, decor-neutral modifications that increase your home’s usefulness.

When it’s time to sell, take care of the essentials to make the house marketable and add some aesthetic appeal, but don’t bother embarking on numerous significant renovations only to raise the asking price.

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